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Are you looking to hire a dependable concrete contractor because you want to have a new driveway or house foundation? If so, Jessie Haslem Concrete Finishing is the right choice. Our goal is to provide you with only quality services. We are in Macon, GA, and here is more information about our services.


List of Services

Driveway Construction

Driveway Construction

A well-looking driveway is a great thing to have on your property. Professionals can handle this with their modern tools and equipment. They can provide you with a beautiful concrete driveway. In addition, specialists will do their best to ensure that your driveway has a smooth surface. You can rest assured that they will provide you with a bump-free driveway.
Patio Construction

Patio Construction

Constructing a patio on your property has plenty of benefits. From enjoying a barbeque to pleasant dinners or just a relaxing evening - hard surfaces are great for those who love spending time outdoors. Concrete finishing dds property value and a personal touch and extends your living space. Reach out to our specialists for a beautiful patio construction.
Walkway Construction

Walkway Construction

Installing a walkway on your property has both functional and aesthetic benefits. A walkway will increase the curb appeal, give a sense of invitation and contribute to comfort. Walkways can be created with a diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes to establish a complementary look to the exterior of your property.
Foundation Construction

Foundation Construction

The foundation of your property plays a crucial role in protecting its structure. Constructing a concrete foundation on your property has many advantages. It is durable, has design flexibility, and is fire- and water-resistant. This being said, a concrete house foundation is resistant to damage.
Concrete Steps Construction

Concrete Steps Construction

Professionals can install your concrete steps promptly. Concrete steps have several custom options. Alongside this, they are very durable and have a long lifespan. It means that concrete stairs will last for many years to come. When constructed properly, concrete steps can withstand severe weather conditions.

Services List

  • Driveway Construction
  • Patio Construction
  • Walkway Construction
  • Foundation Construction
  • Concrete Steps Construction
  • Trowel Concrete Finishing

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Client Testimonials

by Jason Richardson on Jessie Haslem Concrete Finishing
Thank You for Everything

This company provides custom trowel concrete finish services. They ensured I got outstanding results for my needs, and I am very glad that I chose them. Thank you very much for the amazing results! I recommend this company!

The Benefits

Professional concrete contractors can advise you on the maintenance of the installed concrete and provide you with suggestions. By hiring a team of professionals, you benefit from expert guidance, comprehension, and skilled work. They take a diligent approach and adhere to your needs. Whether you need a professionally installed concrete driveway, stairs, or patio, a concrete service provider can make a difference in the final result.

How We Do It

Our team is implementing creative techniques and a systematic approach for our custom trowel concrete finish services. We use modern tools and equipment, paying attention to every little detail. The team has broad experience in the field and knows their job. We anticipate your call. 

Working in Other Areas

Our technicians are available to customers not only in our immediate area of operation. Over time, we gained invaluable experience that has allowed us to expand our areas of operation beyond just Macon, GA. Currently, we are happy to work with clients in the following additional locations:

  • Payne, GA
  • Perry, GA
  • Fort Valley, GA
  • Centerville, GA
  • Byron, GA

Jessie Haslem Concrete Finishing is the right option if you are interested in hiring a dependable concrete floor finishes specialist. If you are in Macon, GA, do not hesitate but give us a call right away!

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